LeadMaster for Industry

You're a growing Industrial Distributor or Manufacturing Firm or perhaps an Engineering company.  You suspect you need Sales & Marketing  Automation but  you're not sure.  Perhaps some of the following characteristics are familiar:

  • Your Sales and Marketing functions depend upon disparate Excel spreadsheets to manage your lead stream.
  • Your Sales Engineers are bumping into one another unexpectedly, calling on the same prospect
  • You've considered implementing an ERP system but the cost and complexity of doing so is daunting
  • The forecast for the coming quarter is hazy at best, if you can establish one at all
  • Your ERP system has a poorly-designed CRM that sales reps refuse to use
  • People are increasingly working remotely, yet the only tools available to them are office-bound and not collaborative
  • You suspect no one really knows where some of your valuable leads really stand
  • Talented people have to wait for the weekly sales meeting to raise good ideas --by then it's too late to capitalize on them
  • The company's ability to grow is stifled by inflexible tools and the inability to quickly turn the ship around (pardon the nautical pun) as necessary

If any of the above define your reality, you've landed at the right dock.

Built to Include Your Dealer Network


Manufacturing, Fabrication, Assembly and Distribution  have unique challenges. Many sell through an extended network of manufacturer’s reps or value-added resellers. They handle multiple product lines and must track and manage sales inquiries through reps that work for other companies.

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B2B Pipeline Forecasting

B2B companies often face significant lead times which must be considered and planned-in, when scheduling production. This is particularly hard to do if the company isn't able to take on a massive ERP implementation.  

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Powerful Automation with e-Marketing & Survey Platforms

All kinds of B2B companies across industries can reap the benefits of LeadMaster's powerful Workflow Automation, e-Marketing and full Survey capability.  The CRM's rules-based engine lets us customize the way leads are handled and the way automated touchpoints with prospects & clients happen. You define the business

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Integrated HelpDesk!

Providing top-notch customer service is essential to success, LeadMaster Case Management accurately tracks issues so that they can be solved quickly and efficiently.  From startups to Fortune 500 companies, LeadMaster clients can utilize the case management area to track customer service issues and solutions in concert with their CRM data.

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All Subscriptions Come with PeopleWare!

Every custom configuration is delivered by Certified LeadMaster CRM Consultants who work with hundreds of businesses in any given year.  We ensure that your configuration delivers the most from the very start.   Although most sales reps learn LeadMaster in about 15 minutes, the CRM is powerful and complex in its configurability.

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Pay Only for the LeadMaster CRM Licenses You Need

It's a unique feature of LeadMaster that you can activate and inactivate licenses for the next month. You aren't billed for inactivated licenses -- you just re-activate them in the month you need them again.  It's the affordable CRM for business and industry.

LeadMaster CRM- Affordable   Save your Doubloons.