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[They] took the time to fully understand our sales lead calling process and closing cycle. They automate...
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LeadMaster as configured by BBI has helped us grow our business 60% in the last year.


You're a growing B2b Industrial or Manufacturing Firm or perhaps an Engineering, Marketing/PR or other project-centric company.

Your B2BCompany Faces this Scenario:

  • Your Sales and Marketing functions depend upon disparate Excel spreadsheets to manage your lead stream.
  • Your Sales Engineers are bumping into one another unexpectedly, calling on the same prospect
  • You've considered implementing an ERP system but the cost and complexity of doing so is daunting
  • The forecast for the coming quarter is hazy at best, if you can establish one at all

Your Project-Centric Company Faces this Scenario:

  • People are increasingly working in locations other than the office yet the only tools available to them are office-bound and not collaborative
  • Project success is precariously hinged upon a mix of people's email accounts, spreadsheets and Proj. Mgt. software that's rapidly falling out of use
  • You suspect no one really knows where the project stands
  • Talented people have to wait for the weekly project meeting to raise good ideas --by then it's too late to capitalize on them
  • The company's ability to grow is stifled by inflexible tools and the inability to quickly turn the ship around (pardon the nautical pun) as necessary

If either of the above defines your reality, you've landed on the right dock.

What We Do for You

We provide custom-configured cloud-based solutions that:

  • Integrate people, data and processes into naturally collaborative environments
  • Deliver solutions that enable collaboration regardless of a contributor's physical location
  • Deliver customized, cloud-based solutions secured to industry-standards
  • Relieve you of the overhead cost of in-house hosted software
  • Are designed and custom-configured by people who know what's it's like to work in a complex environment
  • Are not confusing, expensive and take months to implement
  • Are so effective at empowering your workforce, the end-customers start to notice the difference!

The Crew here at Brave Boat Interactive has all that to give you, and more.


LeadMaster CRM configured by VAR Brave Boat Interactive


Don't Let Static Tools & Information "Silos" Tie Creative People Up in Knots.

Our Custom Solutions Let You Run a Dazzlingly Innovative Ship.

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B2B Powers Up With CRM Automation

All kinds of B2B companies across industries can reap the benefits of LeadMaster's powerful Workflow Automation and e-Marketing capability.  The CRM's rules-based engine lets us customize the way leads are handled and the way automated touchpoints with prospects & clients happen.   Smaller B2B firms get to manage their Marketing spend and reduce overall costs as the CRM brings in leads automatically from the business' website and creates a closed-loop lead followup process.   

LeadMaster CRM for B2B CompaniesYour Lead Management Process, Your Way. Custom-Configured for you by Brave Boat Interactive.

LeadMaster CRM B2B automated workflow and email marketing

Project Teams Thrive with Podio Collaborative Environments

Engineering, Marketing and other project-centric firms can enable collaboration quickly with a custom-configuredPodio workspace by Brave Boat Interactive.  In such an environment, not only can all project team members share information and comment on ideas and content -- so can the client,  if the project team chooses. 

The Podio collaborative workspace integrates all components of a project in a non-linear, shareable space.  The pieces of projects are available for collaborative viewing and commenting, moving the project along more rapidly.   Project management professionals find the mobile dimension of Podio collaborative workspaces particularly inviting, as they travel among client job sites.  

Podio Collaborative Workspaces by Brave Boat Interactive - Envision It - Build It - Rock Your Work.


B2B Wants LeadMaster CRM's Pipeline Forecasting Capability

B2B companies often face significant lead times which must be considered and planned-in, when scheduling production. This is particularly hard to do if the company isn't able to take on a massive ERP implementation.   With the custom-configured LeadMaster CRM, manufacturers and other B2B companies can pulse the sales pipline, reporting on the opportunities most likely to convert to sales in the near-term.  The products and services associated with each sales opportunity in the pipeline forecast can be used by the operation to plan raw materials and components purchases, in time to meet delivery date commitments.  

LeadMaster CRM for B2B - Fills the gap between Sales and Production, with powerful Pipeline reporting.


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